Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Understanding the Basics & Available Assessment Services for Dallas-Fort Worth kids

One condition that many parents contact us about is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Commonly referred to as ADD or ADHD, this condition impacts the child’s ability to focus and behave as expected in a variety of situations, including the classroom. If you’re concerned that your child is struggling with ADHD, The Developmental Pediatrics team can help you get an accurate diagnosis, and Dr. Mike Rios can put you in contact with the right professionals to offer medication management and other interventions to ensure your child grows and thrives after ADHD diagnosis. When you’re ready to begin, contact our Dallas-Fort Worth practice. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and schedule your first appointment.

Child Learning

What is ADHD?

ADD and ADHD are disorders that have to do with the child’s ability to maintain attention, control behavior, and process information. Many aspects of your child’s learning and behavioral development can be impacted by attention disorders, so diagnosing and treating these conditions can be essential to ensuring your child can thrive academically and interpersonally.

How do You Assess for ADHD?

Like other diagnoses, we do not just screen for ADHD. We provide a battery of assessments that are geared toward helping us to understand your child’s complete educational, developmental, and behavioral health. That includes both challenges like difficulty concentrating and strengths like having the energy to get the work done. Don’t forget that your child’s differences are not all negative. There are great aspects that accompany the challenges associated with so many conditions, including ADHD. When you understand the full condition rather than just looking at one negative aspect, you can really help guide your child to success in all aspects of life, and it all begins with a comprehensive battery of tests.

What Happens Next?

Depending on your child’s unique situation, we will complete the assessment process over the course of three to four visits. At your final appointment, we review our data, summarize our reports and recommendations, and answer your questions. At this time, we will also be happy to partner with you to review actionable next steps, including educational resources and medication management recommendations and referrals. Your child’s ongoing treatment plan may involve working with a number of specialists, and we have connections to local resources to help you and your child move forward and thrive.

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